Hi it’s Tara,

I have recently been studying tea as a school project called our passion project, I have learned a lot of stuff about tea; where it comes from, who made it, and why there was a revolution over tea, here are some things I have learnt and if you know anything about my topic of tea let me know in the comments.

I already know; black tea is full of oxidized, most teas are usually served 7 parts and 3 parts milk, but some people enjoy there tea without milk! Black tea is made from the leaves of a plant called a camellia sinensis tree or shrub, and that there was a revolution over tea and what basically happened was the government decided people must pay tax for tea and the colonists said “no way!” and over through the government so there you have it, I know I don’t know too much about tea, but if I did know a lot about tea, why would I be studying it? So tell me all your secrets and hidden knowledge about tea in the comments.

Cheers, Tara


One thought on “Tea

  1. Dear Tara
    That ok if you don’t know to much about the tea anyway I really like your passion project I learnt lots of thing about your passion project and now you teach me lots of tip about the tea and thank you for teach me about the tea
    From hser eh moo 6S😊

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